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HEXTECH - What is it & why you want it on your table

Modular, durable and designed from the ground up to be practical and stunning to look at. This fully rule compliant Hexed terrain system will take your tabletop to a whole different level. Click to find out more!

I would like to know more"


The newest HEXTECH STL Expansion offers a wide selection of power generation upgrades for your tabletop. From traditional solar/wind turbines to far more advanced Fusion reactors and Geothermal Exchangers. Let the soft, warming hum of industrial power light your holiday season!

Power Overwhelming!

Death from above!

Command the skies with these brand new releases on our site from Sage Print Labs!

Scramble Interceptors!


The latest expansion for the HEXTECH terrain system, a fully modular, scalable airport / spaceport for both civilian and military use. Build a small consumer shuttle company airstrip or a fortified airbase?

Requesting Flyby!


When the wealthiest corporations of the distant future purchase entire districts of a city state, you their power is visible for all to see. Check out the new district for HEXTECH Trinity City!

Money Never Sleeps!


The release of the much anticipated Vegetations of Hex physical bundles. Choose between wooded and crystal styles and build a practical "3D Battleifeld" today!

Time to Park in the Trees!


A bundle of 6 unique Trinity City Downtown structures to add to your board to make it really stand out!

Good mix of smaller and larger structures.

Full Urban Jacket


A massive HEXTECH expansion featuring surface and underground installations and runway systems for a fully operational Aerospace base and civilian starport.

Scramble the Interceptors

NEW Trinity City V2 Bundles!

Enhanced with the Trinity City Universal Base System, there is no better time to pick up a bundle!

Lets Take a Look!

NEW! HEXTECH Industrial Fluidworks

Create a fully modular industrial fluid farm using our new HEXTECH Fluidworks. Install magnets into the various structures and piping and create a game functional place where mechs go to explode on your tabletop!

Haha Mech Go Boom!

Hex City - Industrial

The new product line from Death Ray Designs is here in physical and STL formats! A range of Industrial themed buildings perfect for your 6-10mm wargame of choice.

See them here!

New Metal Core Collectibles Mech Release!

The new Oryx Defense Mech is now in stock in 6 variants!

Give me the Dakka!

City in Ruins Now Complete!

Browse our recently updated and completed City in Ruins catalog. Perfect for your destroyed urban environmental needs!

On offer in physical prints and STL formats.

A Bad Day For City Slickers!

Industrial Fluidworks STL's Now Available!

A fully modular industrial fluidworks facility! Featuring an optional magnet and basing options, this is the most advanced HEXTECH STL release to date!

I Want More Exploding Terrain!

New Release - HEXTECH Slums STL Bundle

Trinity City is a wealthy, powerful city state, but like all great centers of civilization it is built on the backs of the common folk.  The average laboring citizen can only afford a small unit inside a compact residential housing unit often referred to as a slum.  Grouped together in large districts, these lower income housing blocks often live in the shadows of the impressive towering structures of the wealthy Trinity City elite.  

The Heart of the City

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