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HEXTECH - What is it and why do you want it on your table

Modular, durable and designed from the ground up to be practical and visually stunning. This fully rule compliant Hexed terrain system will take your tabletop to a whole new level. Follow the link to see a break down of the features and some visual examples!

I would like to learn more

Fantasy Terrain Has Arrived!

After a much anticipated wait for the new shop to come online so we could enter the 28mm - 32mm scene the first of the new releases is finally upon us. Check out our starting selection of high quality, very affordable fantasy terrain pieces!

Roll a D20 for table presentation....

Hobby Supplies Now Available!

We are very proud to announce we are now stock the entire Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl paint line! You can now get their high quality paints, brushes and primers from us as well as some basing material options from Rainy River Designs.

Today is a good day to paint.

HEXTECH Defensive Turrets Have Arrived!

Nothing draws the line in the sand quite like a wall of intimidating defenses. We are now offering a range of new defensive fortifications with turrets that mount onto multiple pre-existing bundles.

Defend My Base!

HEXTECH Defensive Turret Expansion

A versitile and backwards compatible expansion bundle that adds turret systems to many pre-existing releases. Some people say the best defensive is a good offence, those people are wrong.

Target Locked!

Thunder Base Is Here!

The much anticipated Techscapes 6mm line is now live on the store! Perfect for games like Alpha Strike or Steel Rifts, this modular terrain set features a variety of impressive roof details that can be mounted via magnets!

Lightning Struck!

Techscape - Crystal Badlands STL Bundle (28mm+)

The crystal badlands is a natural phenomenon caused by shifting tectonic plates that are forced to the surface by a mysterious pressure pulsing from the planets core.  Despite researches best attempts to discover the cause, the planet has managed to guard its secrets thus far.  Further hampering these scientific efforts is private industry who actively works to force research teams out of the region so they can harvest these precious crystals.  Its not uncommon for skirmishes to break out between the various factions and corporations within the crystal fields....

Smells Like Tiberian

Techscape - Artaius Cargo Yards STL Bundle (28mm +)

The Artaius Cargo Yards are a bristling logistic hubs in service of the inner worlds.  A sprawling field of cargo containers and transport vehicles that stretches out farther then the eye can see.  There are massive cities smaller then the Artaius Cargo Yards and it takes nothing short of the combined effort of thousands of laborer's and some of the largest cargo hauling vehicles in the galaxy to keep up with the pace.  So vital to the survival of entire colonies on this Yard that to miss a shift without written permission from a Dock Master is a crime punishable by lashing.  

Broker a Good Time

Techscapes - Farpoint Colony STLs!

Farpoint Colony is a fresh start for many of its inhabitants.  Escaping the civil unrest of the inner worlds, these brave (and foolish) mortals travel to the edges of inhabited space to work and live on the frontier.  Moderately self proficient, this colony is capable of lasting on its own for several Sol years before critical supplies from the homeworlds are needed.   The colony itself is constructed from durable, hab units that are deployed from colony ships, and have a variety of modular components that allow the locals to adapt to the needs of the settlement.  As an added comfort many of the structures are connected by elevated walkways, removing the need to gear up for the harsh outside environment before relocating to a new building. 

Nothing Bad Happens to Distant Colonies in Space....

New Release - Industrial Power Complex!

Every aspect of human society revolves around the use of technology sustaining energy sources. Every planet offering a new challenge to engineers, civilization has learned to harness every energy source that is within reach. This latest HEXTECH Terrain release focuses on a variety of natural and artificial energy sources.

Reactor Online....

Gothic Legacy Structure Bundles

In the distant future there is only superb terrain for your wargames. Perfectly suited for any 6-8mm wargame with an obvious compatibility with the ascetics of Epic 40k / Titanicus

Titans Playground


The latest HEXTECH STL Expansion offers a wide selection of power generation upgrades for your tabletop including solar panels, wind turbines, fusion reactors, and geothermal exchangers.

Power Overwhelming!

Death from above!

Command the skies with these brand-new releases from Sage Print Labs!

Scramble Interceptors!


One of the latest expansions for the HEXTECH terrain system is a fully modular, scalable airport/spaceport for both civilian and military use. This makes for a great small consumer shuttle company airstrip or a fortified airbase.

Requesting Flyby!


When the wealthiest corporations of a distant future purchase entire districts of a city state, their power is visible for all to see. Check out the new district for HEXTECH Trinity City!

Money Never Sleeps!


The much-anticipated Vegetations of Hex physical bundles are finally here! Choose your forest size and build a practical "3D Battlefield" today!

Time to Park in the Trees!

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