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Model Name:  APEP APP-076
Model Designer: Baphominiatures
Model Line:  
3D Printer:  Solus
Kit Material: 3D Printer Resin - Single piece
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

The APP-076 Apep was an earlier design used by the Western Alliances for urban invasion and suppression missions. It quickly became the face of martial law and oppressive actions, used in multiple city occupations. Against hardened targets, the Apep has multiple missile racks that lack accuracy but make up for it with area saturation. For longer range conflicts, it mounts the same thumper cannons as the popular Kuznets. To avoid ambushes, the Apep mounts a sophisticated sensor array.

Each APP-076 Apep is 3D printed with high quality Solus Resin. This allows for extreme detail with no brittleness.

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