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 Steel Warrior Studios now offers custom apparel items.  Got a cool logo, personal crest, or a famous catch phrase that you'd like put onto a shirt printed just for you?  Or maybe you and your local gaming group would like to get club shirts done?   Whatever the need, we can help!

How it works:  Add the shirt style and size you would like to the cart and check it out.  I will then contact you via email and discuss the design you would like to have made.  You are responsible for providing any images needed to complete the design.  Images should be something suitable for a Tshirt print (cleaned up files, not requiring backgrounds to be removed and such). Images and/or Text can be done on the front, and/or the back, the price listed is for a single image/content section.  Multiple locations/images will result in an added charge. Upgrades to hoodies and over various clothing styles is possible with an additional charge. 

**Shipping from the factory to you will be invoiced separately along with any additional charges for image clean up and/or additional services such as multiple images/texts. You will be informed in advance of this so there are no surprises.  Average shipping cost from the factory ranges from $2-5.  

Steel Warrior Studios is NOT responsible for verifying any copyright content, that is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have permission to use the content they request to be put on the shirt. 

Content Creators:  If you create your own T-shirt designs and would like to have them hosted on the site please contact me at to discuss the arrangement.  We do ask that the items being shown to us are somewhat related to the content/theme of this website.  


 IMPORTANT NOTE: All apparel items are handled by a 3rd party company who prints the product on demand and ships directly you.  As such these items cannot be combined with miniature purchases as we do not stock them ourselves and will include a separate shipping charge if you checking out a variety of goods .  The rate is done at the production companies discount is very reasonable, usually ranging from $5-8 and in most cases it is no different then the increase to shipping costs if we were able to combine the goods for shipping anyhow.   Please allow 5-15 days for delivery in most cases.  Product will ship from USA OR Europe based on which is closest to your location.  



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