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SKU: Kuz

Model Name:  KUZNETS KZN-1000
Model Designer: Baphominiatures
Model Line:  
3D Printer:  Solus
Kit Material: 3D Printer Resin - Single piece
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

The KZN-1000 Kuznets is an urban assault platform, designed to not only pave the way for peacekeeping operations but to react to sudden incursions and ambushes laid by resistance forces. Issued with a solid core hammer and kinesthetically programmed to provide efficient and effective strikes, the Kuznets can quickly demolish infrastructure or opposing forces alike. Armed with a shoulder mounted thumper cannon, anti-armor missile pod, and a pair of wrist mounted anti-infantry machine guns, the Kuznets is equipped to react to a variety of foes and excels in close range combat.

Each KZN-1000 Kuznets is 3D printed with high quality Solus Resin. This allows for extreme detail with no brittleness.

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