Trident Medium Tank

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Model Name:  Trident Medium Tank
Model Designer: Dorian Sherratt (DFA Miniatures)
Caster:  Strato Minis Studio
Kit Material:  Resin - 2 or 5 piece miniature
Configuration Options: Vanguard, Infantry Support, Plasma Canon


The Trident medium tank is a reliable, cheap, multi-purpose tank that is used widely by all forces.  Faster then most tanks in its class, its ideal for flanking actions and hit and run tactics.  The Vanguard configuration packs a long range particle laser and a 6 pack multi-purpose missile launcher system in the turret.  The infantry support version replaces the particle laser for a lower intensity, rapid fire beam canon that can be fired in close proximity to supporting infantry without the risk of blinding them.  Ideal for escorting in fast APC based attacks or redeployment, it houses 3 support machine guns to help cover the troops its supporting.  The Plasma Canon configuration is state of the art, fresh out of prototyping and very rare on the battlefield.   Yet despite this its already created a solid reputation for itself, its main canon fires super heated plasma shells that shatter on impact, covering the target with the super heated compound that melts through hardened steel like butter.  



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