Stirling Strike Craft

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Steel Warrior Studios

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Model Name: Stirling Strike Craft
Model Designer:  Steel Warrior Studios & Ovion Design 
Model Line:  Steel Warriors
Caster: DB Miniatures
Kit Material: Resin - 5 piece miniature
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)



A Steel Warrior Studios exclusive, the Stirling Strike Craft (Hover).  This capable design gets its name from the famed Major David Stirling, who carried out daring hit and run raids on German airstrips during the Second World War in the early days of SAS operations.  

 With a top speed of 129kph it is more then able of getting in and out of engagements, giving it plenty of raiding potential on the battlefield.   Armed with a formidable large bore Rotary Autocanon, the Stirling is capable of emptying its 3 tons of ammo in mere minutes, allowing the hovercraft to inflict damage and then withdrawal. In addition its turret houses a pair of double tube missile launchers that can be fitted with a variety of tactical ammunition options that vary between smoke concealment, anti armor warheads or inferno rounds.  

For protection the Stirling relies greatly on its speed and ability to cross various terrain features to survive, but it does pack as much reinforced plating as a hovercraft its weight can carry without sacrificing speed or handling.  

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