FDM (PLA) Printed Terrain & Products:  The majority of our 3D printed terrain products are done using a FDM 3D printer.  These printers operate by layering down very thin plastic layers on top of each other, slowly building it up until the print has finished.   At Steel Warrior Studios we pride ourselves on the quality of our prints, we use more expensive, quality materials, have taken the time to properly assemble and tune our machines, and insist on delivering all our products in .1mm layers (usually 2-3 times better then your average vendor).    Most customers find the surface quality of our prints usable right out of the box, with no sanding our filling of any kind.

Quality Standards:  We strive for quality, however due to the nature of the process, it is possible for minor defects to pass our inspections.   Majority of the time this is limited to some minor stringing or "pimples" on the surface, both which are easily removed with a quick drag of a hobby knife.   We may also allow up to 1 corner a very slight "lift/curl" where the print may have popped off the heated bed during print.   If this bend is more then 10% it will not pass our inspections and if you received a product like this, we will replace it.  Additionally some prints may have very minor defects on the top layer (very small, tiny pinhole in the top, or perhaps a small gap between major parts).  Please see the picture below for what we consider a "pass" and what is a "failure" and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us.   


RESIN (DLP) Printed Terrain and Products:  Our resin printed products are mostly of the miniature variety, as the build platform capacity is very small, and most terrain is too large to fit on it.    Resin printers work by creating a raft base on the build plate, then suspending the printing object in the air via a series of support beams/scaffolding.  When the print is finished, these print structures need to be removed and it will sometimes affect the surface quality where the support meets the model.   We take care to design our products to have their support structures on the undersides, or anywhere else the visibility of these "marks" will be minimal.   We use a 3 point cleaning process, where the supports are first clipped, then shaved with a sharp hobby knife, then finally buffed out as close to the models surface as possible with a small electronic Dremel.   Additionally some models are required to be printed hollow, and will have a small drainage hole somewhere on the bottom sides of the model to allow the resin to escape after the print is done. The price of these products are designed to reflect these small compromises on the final quality of the usually unseen surfaces.   At half the price of resin, once assembled and primers it will be hard to tell them apart from their higher quality resin casts.


Quality Standards:  This is an important part to be covered for those who have never dealt with a resin printed miniature.   The curing process that hardens the prints is done with UV lamps, this will sometimes change the shade of grey the resin is printed in.  The final buffing stage of my clean up process will sometimes leave white residue or markings on the bottom surfaces where the supports were cleaned, this is due to the top layer of the print being cured directly by the UV lamp, while the underlayers are protected and thus dont change colours.   It is purely different shading in the colour, it will prime and paint perfectly as is.  Our resin 3D printed products may have minor defects in them, this is part of the risk during the cleaning process and for the cost of these miniatures, it is not cost effective to always strive for 100% perfection.   These minor defects may include small things like chipped wheels, a single pin hole in the top surface, minor barrel chipping, minor loss of bottom surface detailing where the buffing process happened.  Please see the picture below for what we consider a "pass" and what is a "failure" and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us.