Battle Ready is our premium pre-painted and flocked product, ready for your table right out of the box.

Our BATTLE READY series of products ship fully pre-painted and ready for the table. As a premium product it is important you read this page so you know what to expect when ordering from this product line.  When in doubt please contact us prior to placing an order so we can ensure both parties are on the same page!

1.  All product is hand painted by our small team of artists using a specific formula that we apply to every project.  As such you can expect something SIMILAR to what you see in the pictures on the product page.

2.  Due to the nature of hand painted artwork, every piece & commission will be unique from one and another and while our best effort is given to replicate the same results to what is in the product pictures, final presentation will vary from order to order.  Please only order from this range if you understand what this means, if you need clarifications or further explanation please contact us:

3.  Please see the description section of each product for an overview of the painting process.  We will always do at minimum what is listed in the section.

4.  Painted orders will be shipped safely with every effort to protect the paint and finish of the pieces.  Every single object in the order receives both a gloss and matt varnish coat before we box the order in an effort to give it maximum durability.  Should the pieces get damaged due to courier neglect we will have to go through the insurance process and work out a solution depending on the specifics of the situation.  

5.  We recommend storing these pieces separate from unpainted lines and taking precautions to ensure their safety. One should not expect the protective finish of the product to save it from being tossed loosely into a storage bin with other pieces of terrain. 

6.  We ask you only purchase these products if your aware and accepting that you will be receiving a custom, fully painted product that one of our artists invested time and effort into making as nice as possible.  Due to the nature of these products our usual refund or remedy process will not apply as we consider these "custom" products and as a final sale.  If you are unsure if you will be satisfied with a product that is similar to what you see in the product pictures, we ask you simply not place the order for the Battle Ready version of the product. 

7. Timeline from ordering to shipping.  By default we keep painted stock on hand and can usual ship your order in 1-7 days.  However during peak season or unusually high demand the wait can so we recommend you check the order status update page HERE. Additionally you can contact us for a more accurate estimate!

Thank You!

- Last Updated July 2nd 2022