Copyrights in regards to 

All assets of this website are owned by Steel Warrior Studios or its partners and are not to be copied or duplicated in any manner without written consent.  This includes pictures, descriptions, the miniatures shipped to you or the designs themselves.  Please contact us if you would make any request to use said assets before attempting to do so.  

Copyright Policy in regards to liability of 3rd party models sold on

Steel Warrior Studios does not accept responsibility for verifying legal ownership of any products that are sold on this site by its partners or 3rd party collaborators.  It is the duty of the party(s) that are designing or claiming ownership of the design to verify that they are obeying international copyright laws as they apply to them.  Because Steel Warrior Studios acts as a hub for independent designers who bring a wide variety of products to us to market, it is impossible to expect us to be familiar with the ownership of every miniature on the planet.  We do require proof from our partners that they have created the model file themselves and have not taken it from a 3rd party hosting service such as "thingsverse" or "shapeways" but beyond that we have no way of verifying ownership on designs that may be contested.  Please read our policy below about copyright claims.  

Copyright Claims and Disputed Ownership of Assets:

In the event that a design sold on our site by one of our 3rd party partners is in breach (or suspected of being in breach) of copyright ownership then you may contact us about it at  and we will make every effort to resolve the issue quickly and professionally.  As a 3rd party hosting service we will cooperate in any legal process regarding any of the products on our webpage assuming the claim has merit.  We as a company wish to respect copyright boundaries and will do everything we can to assist the process in the event of a disputed claim.