New for 2021 - The Digital Steel Loyalty Rewards Program


The Digital Steel Loyalty Rewards program is a points based system that is designed to encourage community interactions with the webstore and to give a little something extra to repeat customers.  We have gone through great efforts to ensure that it is a simple, effective and desirable system that is free of filler and pointless bloat.  You can view and spend your points from the little "Rewards" widget on the bottom left of the main store page. 

The points generated through the program are referred to as "Digital Steel"


How to acquire Digital Steel: 


- For every $1 spent on the store, regardless of product or service you are eligible for 1 Digital Steel.  Ex:  Spend $60USD and you will collect 60 Digital Steel

- Leave a product review for something you purchased through our webstore. You can manually navigate to the product page or wait for the email prompt and use the direct link.   Each review is worth 10 Digital Steel (Equivalent to you spending $10USD).

- Each product review that includes pictures that show the product adds an additional 10 Digital Steel to your account.

- Special Events or actions may also reward Digital Steel.  Follow the social media pages or join the discord to get notifications. 

Example:  Bob buys $60 USD worth of product from the store, earning himself 60 Digital Steel instantly.  Bob then receives his product and decides to write a review and includes a picture with the upload.  Bob has now earned an additional 20 Digital Steel for a total of 80 Digital Steel altogether. 


Spending your Digital Steel:


- Digital Steel can be used to redeem a number of monetary store credit vouchers.  These vouchers are equivalent to USD in value and can be used to subtract an amount from a total purchase price, or if used in high enough amounts can actually completely pay for an order on its own.

- Digital Steel can also be used to create a 1 time use variable discount code that can be used to reduce your total payment.  The discount is operated with a slider, the more points you decide to use, the greater the discount (up to 20% off). 

**Important Note: Digital Steel Rewards cannot be combined with other discount code offers or sales events requiring a discount code to be entered into the cart, this is due to limitations of the Shopify system itself.  You can also not combine multiple Digital Steel rewards for the same reason.  These rewards are best used between sales to create your own "discount/sales" price at a time of your own convenience


Example:  Bob is a regular customer of the site, he owns an Ender 3 pro and has purchased many of the HEXTECH STL files over the past year.  He currently has 300 Digital Steel on his account.  Bob likes a new release STL bundle that has just been released onto the store and would like to purchase it. The STL bundle is $20USD.  Bob has a few ways he can use his points, he could choose to redeem 200 Digital Steel for the $20 store voucher and purchase the STL bundle for free using only his points.  Alternatively he could decide to add another $200 worth of product to his cart and use the variable discount code for a greater savings on the larger order.  With 300 Digital Steel he could unlock a 12% discount code, saving himself $26.40 in total. 



***Important Info & Disclaimers:  The reviews submitted do NOT need to be positive or favorable to generate Digital Steel, we are not buying positive reviews, we are offering an incentive in exchange for the time and effort, and a negative review will still be paid in points.  We do ask that you put in at least minimal effort to your review, and any review we feel is lacking this effort may not be eligible for point rewards (Example: single word reviews, such as "good").  Digital Steel has no real world monetary value and cannot be paid out in cash.  Digital Steel rewarded from a store purchase is rewarded automatically, in the event of a refund or cancelled order the points are subtracted accordingly.  Digital Steel earned from reviews takes 72 hours to be awarded so we can verify the review is being submitted by a customer who actually purchased the product in question.   Reviews CAN be retroactively submitted to purchases me prior to the rewards program and will be honored in full value.  Due to the limitations of the software, we cannot award Digital Steel for purchases made before the rewards program was initiated in Jan 2021.  Anyone caught intentionally abusing the points system is subject to punishment ranging from points being set back to 0 to being banned from the webstore for life.  Steel Warrior Studios reserves the right to change or alter the rewards program in anyway it sees fit and as required by the needs of the store.