Steel Warrior Studios and many of its partners feel very strongly that 3D printing is going to continue to play an ever increasing role in the way we wargame as a community and a hobby.  This is a driving factor in our push to offer 3D STL files for home printing to our community.  Please take a moment to read this FAQ info page to take note of our policies and practices, but also so you know what you can expect from us in terms of quality of the files, and after purchase support.   


 Terms and Conditions for STL Usage


Steel Warrior Studios and its respective partners have a fairly laid back attitude towards what we allow and what we do not allow with STL files purchased from us, compared to that of many other studios.  Below you will find a detailed break down with examples.

- You may use the file on your own machines and print as many copies as you would like for yourself, your local friends (same city), and your local Chapter gaming club (Can be a local game store where the terrain is stored and used, or various members of your club can hold the terrain and bring as needed to your games).  You may ask the above mentioned people to chip in to help cover PLA costs or even STL purchase costs.  We do ask that you keep the files on your own personal computer and do not share those within the group even if they helped purchase the files as accountability is lost at that point.  

- You may remix or edit the files as desired, even to the point of creating new structures from our existing files and you may print those and use them in the same manner as the plot point above.  We do however ask that you keep the remixed/edited files to your own computer and do not upload or share them on the internet as it will compromise the product despite the changes.

- You may rescale the files and separate them into smaller sections if needed if your printer cannot fit them in the stock format.   Again we ask that you not upload the altered files. 

- You are not permitted to resell the files for any reason and anyone is caught trying to do this will be served with legal action from the Studios lawyer. 

- You are not permitted to sell the finished prints on a website such as Etsy, Ebay, etc without a merchants license.  We understand it is tempting to try and make a few bucks on the side with your printer but there is a correct way to get into the market, and it starts with an email to us. 

- If your unsure, email us!  I enjoy the customer interaction process and I would be happy to help clarify as needed!

- You will retain your rights to redownload the files as often as you like for as long as our website exists as long as your account remains in good standing.  Fraudulent activities or situations where your account is deemed to be no longer in good faith will see your access to the files provoked.  

ExampleJon has a Ender 3 pro printer and is interested in printing some terrain for his local Battletech table.  Jon buys an entry level HEXTECH STL bundle to start.  Jon prints 10 buildings and brings them to his next game.  At the game he shows off the new terrain to the wonder of the group.  Jon decides he wants to give each player a building to take home. (This is within our terms).   One of the players wants to offer Jon $5 to help cover the material costs used to print his building, Jon accepts the cash and plans to put it towards another roll of PLA to continue printing more buildings (This is within our terms).  At the next game Jon has printed 30 buildings in total, at the end of the game he mentions there's a new release he thinks would be great to play on, and asks if the local chapter wants to chip in $5 each for the files.  They agree and Jon uses the money to buy the expansion (This is within our terms). A week later Jon's friend buys a 3d printer too, and asks if Jon can send him the files he contributed $5 to the week before.  (This is not within our terms, Jon's friend is probably a good person but he hasn't agreed to our terms when it was Jon who purchased the files).  Jon finally gets sometime to paint up a whole board of freshly 3D printed terrain and it looks great.  Excited he shares pictures on Facebook and it gets a great reaction, a stranger from the group messages Jon and asks if he can print him a few buildings in exchange for some cash (This is not within our terms, even direct Facebook transactions like this that may seem harmless are still against our policies without a merchants license).  


 What You Can Expect From Us

A lot of effort is put into quality STL releases.  Both SWS and its partners feel very strongly that the home printing experience should be as pain free and as rewarding as possible, and to this effect we strive to design files that are easy to use and turn out wonderfully every time.  Below are some of the things you can expect from us when you purchase files from our site.

- STL Updates and revisions as needed, our automated hosting software will notify you of any changes to the uploads and will give you notice that a new version is ready for download. 

- Majority of our FDM STL files print without supports, enjoy a clean, great looking print with no clean up

- Proper documentation included in each download that will help give you important information on how to achieve a great print

- SWS will assist in any help needed with the files themselves and the settings needed to achieve a great print.  We regularly offer our commercial 3d printing profiles to the public so all our customers can take advantage of our finely tuned settings.  For GENERAL 3D printing help, we recommend you join our discord or any of the vendor specific 3d printing groups.  We will unfortunately not be able to assist with basic printer operation or troubleshooting due to time constraints.  

- Files are hosted exclusively on this site, allowing you to purchase and download the files directly without being routed to a 3rd party hosting platform. 

- Download recovery and ease of access.  If you misplace your confirmation email you can contact us and we can resend the download links as needed. 

- Join the Steel Warrior Studios discord to tap into one of the most knowledgeable communities for 3D printing.  We have many veteran members and fellow studios who specialize in printing who can give you a hand getting your machines in line.