October 21st 2018

Hey everyone, hope all is well.  First order of business is to assure everyone that we will be restocking all the Strato mech designs soon, there was a delay on our end that caused the stock levels to drop lower then desired but it should be corrected soon!   In other news today we release our first published work, the DFA Panzer X for their new IP WARHOUNDS!  This is a huge step for our studio, as we were tasked with all aspects of acquiring production, designing and producing the box art and packaging and then finally releasing the product to the market itself.  It has been very exciting and I hope you guys check it out!

In other news Canada Post is doing their usual every 2nd year strike notice fun stuff, so shipping of parcels will be delayed during their rotational strike (Meaning service is still operating, but at reduced levels), so please allow an extra week or two for orders to arrive on your end!   Thanks everyone and be well!



June 29th 2018

Happy 1 year Anniversary everyone!  A year ago we launched this site and what a ride it has been.  We could not ask for a more supporting community then we have, a honest heart filled thanks goes out to each and everyone of you who has paid our site a visit.   In reflection, many lessons were learned, the back-ordering system was a good idea, however it falls on its face when the supply chain gets disrupted.  Going forward we are removing it from the web-store and focusing on in-stock sales only to improve our delivery times across the board.  We have also acquired access to a few alternative shipping options for those far away customers that Canada Post is less then kind to.  

To celebrate the anniversary, please feel free to use the discount code "mechversary" between 6pm today and July 2nd at midnight for 15% almost everything in the store.   Thanks again and we hope to make our 2nd year even better!



June 19th 2018

I swear when I blink 2 months vanish.  hahaha.  Just a reminder folks to follow us on Facebook as I post updates and previews more frequently there then anywhere else @

So our much anticipated, much delayed Wave 2 DFA Miniatures tanks are now finally in stock and shipping, we have a fair bit on hand for any additional orders, check them out over at:

Our Strato Studios roster restock is in the air now and we should be up to operational stock levels in a week.  Its been a lengthy process recovering from our incredibly successful Black Friday event in November, but much was learned and as we come up to our 1 year anniversary we will be making some changes to service you fine folks better :)

As always, thank you for stopping by and have a great day!



April 29th 2018

Holy smokes, its April already!   Time flies these days.  Anyhow we are about to bring online the 2nd wave of the DFA Tank line, I have ordered enough stock to fill pre-orders plus stock half a dozen of each design on hand.  Stay tuned, about to launch our first laser cut products as well this week!


Feb 1st 2018

Happy belated New Years everyone!   I am happy to report that the backlog from the black friday sale is officially wrapped up!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new toys :D    A massive restock operation will take place between now and March and we should be back up to usual stock levels soon!   In the meantime feel free to reserve your miniatures by checking them out now, as you all know by now things go very quickly around here!


November 28th 2017

Black Friday/Cyber Monday was a huge success!  Thank you everyone for the insane levels of support for our big event :)   Our casting team is working around the clock to get the product made and in my hands, please be patient while we struggle through the busy holiday season and attempt to work around slow shipping.  Should you have ANY questions please dont hesitate to contact us, we can usually reply within 4 hours of the email being sent. 


November 22nd 2017

BLACK Friday/Cyber Monday sales poster can be found HERE!


November 3rd 2017

Another busy month done and gone!  Now the big lead up to our Cyber Monday super event sale.  Exciting times coming very soon!



September 27th 2017

The new tank designs are up on the page! Dorian Sherratt is one of the first design artists to approach Steel Warrior Studios with hopes of his designs being brought to market.  He was a pleasure to work with, and with the help of Strato Minis Studios we have helped to make tanks a reality in miniature form.  There are 9 designs to choose from, with another 12 in development that will go up for pre-order soon.  A portion of each sale goes to him as creator of the design, so please consider supporting his efforts and pick up a tank or two with your next order :)

Thanks again for the support everyone, until next time!



September 21st 2017

A big thank you to everyone who supported our first sale this month!  If you missed out, not to worry I have something big in the works for the lead up to Christmas.  In other news I have a large restock of all mech/vehicle miniatures due in the next week or so!   In addition we will be releasing 9 new tank designs that were designed by one of our new collaborators!  Watch for the facebook announcement when they are being put up on the page :)



September 2nd 2017

Wow, what a crazy month August turned out to be.  Big things on the horizon and to help celebrate the next phase of the web-store I am holding a huge sale on the majority of the catalog, including back ordered and pre-order goods. We have a complete restock arriving sometime this month that includes no less than 20 of everything we currently carry, as well as a healthy quantity of our upcoming vehicle expansion!  Stay tuned and as always thank you for the support!



July 30th 2017

We now offer a "Warehouse" storage option for customers who wish to make small purchases without paying shipping every-time!  See the "Ordering & Shipping" tab for details!  



July 10th 2017

Thanks everyone for stopping by and contributing to the very successful launch of the webstore!   Was very exciting to see orders coming in from people that I dont already know on a first name bases!   Just placed a large restock order for all the products that are back ordered or low stock, in a few weeks time there should be a healthy inventory on hand to fill fresh orders.   We have some exciting new products coming up, be sure to sign up for the news letter (at the bottom of the page) or follow us on Facebook to stay informed about our upcoming release.  Thanks again!



 June 30th 2017

Welcome to the new and exciting Steel Warrior Studios web store!   Please take a look around and if you have any feedback do no hesitate to contact me at

Many exciting new products coming up very soon!   Stay tuned and feel free to sign up for our news letter at the bottom of the page to stay connected!