This page covers all our policies and practices towards the handling of customer orders and shipping.


Ordering: Orders placed will be fulfilled and shipped in a first come first serve basis.  Generally speaking most orders are dropped off at the post office or are picked up by UPS daily.

 3D Printed Products and Goods:  Due to how much information needs to be conveyed about our 3D printed goods we have created a separate page to cover it.  Please click HERE to view it. 

 Shipping:  Orders are shipped through a combination of the national post system and the UPS courier system.  The specific shipping method is determined by a variety of conditions ranging from overall weight, destination and contents.  Where possible we will try and use UPS as our shipping method to keep deliveries quick!



Canada / USA 

Flat Rate: $8.99 on orders under $89.99

Free Shipping: $90 and above

Orders over $100 are very likely to be shipped via UPS

Arrival Times:  4-5 Days for UPS Ground.  4-12 Days for National Post



Flat Rate: $9.99 on orders under $174.99

Free Shipping: $175 and above

Generally speaking we use National Post for International Orders.

Arrival Times: 6-14 Days for Air Packets, 20-60 Days for Surface Mail

**Where possible we will do our best to avoid shipping via Surface Mail**


United Kingdoms (Distributor Available HERE)

Prior to Jan 1st 2021 we had shipments to the UK under the same conditions as Canada/USA, however due to new BREXIT Vat policies we have been forced to implement restrictions to ordering in the region.  As a result we are only able to accept orders over $200 USD in value to be able to ship them to within the UK.  Please read the full update HERE

Arrival Times: 6-14 Days for Air Packets, 20-60 Days for Surface Mail

**UK Orders will be eligible for free shipping as they will be $200USD or greater by default.**

Australia / New Zealand  (Distributor Available HERE)

Canada Post and the USPS have temporarily suspended all parcel delivery to these locations.  Once these restrictions have been lifted service will resume normally.  UPS is still currently delivering, however it would need to be done at customers expense and is rather expensive.  If you'd like to go that route, just email me and we I will setup the cart for you.  Apologies, hopefully this will not last long!


***IMPORTANT NOTE:  The studio will always try to ship packages internationally in the most Tax/Duty friendly manner possible, however in the event of VAT/Custom fees and taxes we cannot be held responsible.  Additionally customs clearance times are not factored into the above time frames.  Please contact us if you'd like a more in depth explanation on anything stated on this page.***


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