Partners & Collaborators

Steel Warrior Studios is more than an online web store, we are a community of talented individuals that pool our resources to bring great products to your game table.  We offer a wide range of services which include licensing arrangements to help produce and market 3rd party products on this site.   Below are our active partners and Collaborators that we are working closely with at the moment.


Strato Minis Studio - A small, but excellent polish based company that specializes in resin casting and miniature design.  They engineer and producer of the Hardwar line of mechs and vehicles featured on SWS. Owned and operated by Krzysztof Raczynski


Death From Above Miniatures -  DFA Miniatures is a 3D model design and freelance company that specializes in 6mm wargaming miniatures and terrain. We recently had the honor of bringing 9 tank designs to market for DFA Miniatures, they are available in the catalog now (Tomahawk, Halberd, and Mjolnir), please consider supporting our newest collaborator.   Owned and operated by Dorian Sherratt.


Legions IV Hire - A local hobby shop/casting studio that produces the DB Miniatures terrain lineup and has also accepted casting commissions for Steel Warrior Studios.  Owned and operated by Bryan Gwiazda, a local wargaming enthusiast who has a great interest in 6mm micro armor games and miniatures.  We have been working together closely for the last 6 months and its with great pride that we announce that Legions IV Hire will be stocking some of our home brewed designs on their store shelves.


Ball Enterprises - Our newest partner in the ever growing SWS lineup.  Ball Enterprises is a one man operation owned and operated by a retired veteran, Wayne is a great guy who enjoys operating his laser cutter and enjoying a few beers while watching the Winnipeg Jets in his down time.  We are happy to have Wayne on board as he will be creating a new line of laser cut terrain packages that will be available on the site.


Way of the Brush - The painting blog of the very talented Kevin Witt, who we commission to paint and photograph all our official products.  He comes highly recommended by us, and  we are proud to display his works of art on our site.