Refund and Return Policies

Please read the following sections to understand our policies in regards to refunds and returns.  Please note that we are very dedicated to providing good service and as such do contact us in the event of a problem or request and we will ensure you are taken care of.  


Refund Policy

Our process is 100% Hassle Free and we will never give you a hard time over the request.

In the event you have placed an order for physical products and that product has not yet shipped, you may request a refund at anytime before the product leaves this facility and expect it to be processed within 24 hours of the email/phone call (Please allow extra time for holidays and major sales events).  In the event you paid with Paypal your funds should be returned to you within 24 hours, however should this not happen we will provide the correct documentation of the refund action and you will need to contact Paypal directly for info and support.   In regards to credit cards and other payment methods offered, any payment made on our site goes through the Shopify portal which has a 2-5 business delay in either direction and as such refunds will take up to a week to be returned to you.  This is all handled on Shopifys end and is completely beyond our control. 

In the event you purchased physical product and it has shipped and you would like a refund we will need the items returned, inspected for damages/use and accounted for in full before a refund can be issued.  Return shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer, however we will refund the shipping charge paid when you placed the order.  See below for return policies as this will apply to these requests.

In the event your order was lost or damaged in transit please contact us and we will work together with you and the courier company involved to resolve the matter in the best way possible.  Providing pictures and documentation of the damages can help speed this process up greatly!

If you have purchased a DIGITAL product, such as an STL we are unable to offer refunds as there is no way to reclaim the files from your system/email.  If you do run into a problem you may email us and in some rare cases at our discretion we may honor the refund request as a special exception.  

Click HERE see this FAQ page for more details in regards to Digital STL sales.

Please email in regards to anything above.



Return Policy

We will accept returns within 14 days of the product arriving to your delivery destination on any physical products that are unused and returned intact, complete and without damage.  We ask you email us in advance before sending items back so we are aware of what we are expecting and so that we know who and how to contact you.  

If returned products pass reasonable inspection they will be restocked and you will be refunded your full amount including shipping both ways.  Please speak with us before purchasing any shipping so that we can give you instructions/labels on which postal service to use.  Shipments that are sent back to us using unapproved couriers will be refused on delivery and we will not refund you the shipping costs associated with it.  We have this policy because many courier companies will charge our brokerage because of our location.  Products that are returned used, incomplete or damaged will not be refunded the whole amount of the purchase and the costs of repairing or replacing the items will be subtracted from the totals.  Examples of these situations would be if glue/paint/broken pieces are visible on the product upon inspection. Please take care to package the product well before shipping as if its damaged through neglect of the shipper it may impact the refund amount.   

As with the Refund Policy we are unable to offer returns on Digital Products such as STL files.  

Click HERE see this FAQ page for more details in regards to Digital STL sales.


Please email in regards to anything above.