B-Grade Terrain Lots

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 *** These lots will be shipped via the most economical option possible.  Due to COVID and the expense of shipping across the ocean, I am going to suspend international orders outside of NA for these boxes unless you agree to have it posted surface (boat, 6-12 weeks travel time). I recently had to refund a box from May that had to go surface due to air postage costing more then the product itself.  Obviously if I am selling these to recover material costs, its not logical to pay $100 for air mail.  This slow moving box was no ones fault, just a side effect of the reduced ocean going postage.  If you are unable to wait the requested duration for delivery, please do not order.   Exceptions will be considered on a case by case manner, specifically towards returning customers. 


Every item has a lot identifier assigned to it.  Please read the descriptions and use the drop down bar to add the desired item to your cart.  Please note in terms of the "random" value packs that these items are pre-sealed before I listed them.  There is no favoritism or control over who gets what.  I put alot of effort to assemble each pack to be roughly equal in "value".   All sales here are final, but rest assured you are getting a solid deal here, I am just simply recovering some material costs and freeing up much needed space in the studio. 

** The B-Grade buildings are miss-prints that vary in severity.  Sometimes its an intact structure that only needed some light knife work that I didnt have time to do.  Other times its a rough top surface.  The most common miss print is a layer shift, where for whatever reason the building is shifted at a certain point.  Some of these are VERY minor shifts, others are more severe.  There is also a scattering of buildings that stopped printing halfway up that are suitable candidates for ruins.  All buildings should be assumed to be project structures.  Either use them as they are or attempt to hobby them into whatever you like. **

B-Grade Small LOT (HEXED):   A 6x6x6 box with between 6-10 items inside.  Typical contents can be expected to be 1-3 above average pieces, with the remainder being a mixed variety of quality and defects.   Please check the pictures below for a few basic examples of what you can expect in terms of value and contents. 

B-Grade Large LOT (HEXED):  A 8x8x8 box with a variety of the larger HEXTECH buildings that would not fit in the smaller 6x6x6 bundles.  You can expect 1-3 larger pieces (Megablock, Hall, Repair Bay, Hanger as examples).  In addition a random collection of smaller buildings to round out the package. 

B-Grade Trinity Tower Bundles (HEXED): A 10x10x10 box featuring a Trinity Tower with its 3 foundation pieces.  The towers themselves have minor flaws, usually a tiny shift in a single layer that causes the top 1/3 to be out of alignment with the bottom.  The 3 foundations are on the rough side, but with some clean up you would have yourself a decent tower.  Box will also contain a small amount of suporting buildings to round out the weight.  A large portion of the box is empty, the need for the 10x10x10 is the towers natural height. 

B-Grade Shifted Trinity Tower Bundle (HEXED): This bundle is for a Trinity tower with a major shift.  The building is intact and complete however the top half is shifted about an inch to the side during a fairly big printer error.  It comes with the 3 foundations for the tower.  This bundle also includes the very large Trinity Parkade, the 2nd largest building in the set.  The Parkade has only minor corner lift on the base and a couple broken detail points, overall a 9/10 in terms of B-grade. 

 B-Grade Hills Lots:  A 8x8x8 box filled with a wide variety of misprinted hills from the Grasslands and Desert hill bundles.  Majority will be Grasslands, often with layer shifts where the second level of the hill formation starts, some are near perfect with damage to the underside of the prints.  You can expect no less then 8 hill formations of a decent size in these boxes. 

Sigma Hanger Lot:  A complete Sigma Hanger that includes 8+ sidewalls, including a door section.  Comes complete with a roof and floor.  Some of the pieces are very rough and will need some clean up but someone with a sharp knife and some patience could easily assemble a single complete hanger while saving a fair amount from the retail price. 

Borealis Dropship Lot:  A near complete Borealis Dropship that includes the main body, the front assembly, an assortment of 4+ pod attachments and a ziplock baggy of the smaller detail parts (engines, bridges, turrets, fins, etc).  The dropship is missing the majority of the doors for its 2 mech bay pod attachments, best use for the bundle is a ruined dropship terrain piece, or if the buyer is very ambitious you could attempt to kit bash a completed ship together from the parts and some creative energy. 

Hextech Foward Base Foundation Lot:  A box containing 8+ base foundations from the forward base with foundations bundle.  The pieces have major shifts at certain parts in the walls, sometimes the walls themselves are not even printed.  This would be best used to create a ruined firebase or to use the foundations themselves in another project.  

B-Grade HEXLESS LOT:  A 6x6x6 box with between 6-12 items inside.  Typical contents can be expected to be 1-3 above average pieces, with the remainder being a mixed variety of quality and defects. These boxes will contain terrain from all vendors on the site and anything without a hex base is a candidate for the box.  Please check the pictures below for a few basic examples of what you can expect in terms of value and contents.   

B-Grade Large HEXLESS Lot: A 10x10x10 box with a large quantity of hexless prints in it.  Contains a half printed Trinity Tower, and a Borealis Dropship main bridge deck part that could be used to make a ruined ship terrain piece.  You can expect 15-30 pieces in total in these boxes of all various sizes and shapes. 

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