3D Printing on Demand (FDM)

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Steel Warrior Studios is now offering 3D printing services to its customers!  Currently we have 110 very well tuned FDM printers running quality PLA that we are accepting commissions on.  Please read below for additional details!


COST:  $1 per hour of printing (PLA used included for FREE!)

CONDITIONS: SWS is selling print time on its machines, this means we can print anything and everything that you have access to the STL files for.  This includes but is not limited to any special access Patreon/Kickstarter campaigns you may have backed.  We are legally permitted to act as a fulfillment services for our clients, assuming you can provide the files as proof of ownership.   It will be the customers obligation to ensure they have respected the license of whatever file they are submitting to us.    Open Source files or anything from free upload locations like Thingieverse are free game as well.  We are not selling you the finished object, we are selling you the printer hours (see below on how to submit your order).

SCALE & LIMITATIONS:  Our printing quality is very important to us and we will only accept orders that are deemed "doable".  This means extremely small scale stuff (6mm or smaller) is usually not a commission we will accept on these FDM machines as they cannot handle detailing that small.  They are however VERY capable at anything 10mm or larger in scale.  

QUALITY: Included in the cost of printing is basic support removal and a quick clean up job.  Depending on the object you wish to print and the quality you select it to be printed in there could be a variation of post processing work that you will need to do.  Including but not limited to sanding/gap filling.  The higher the resolution I print the less work the finished model will need, but the longer it will take to print.  When you contact me I should be able to give you a good idea of what to expect.

HOW TO ORDER:   Either email us at Sales@SteelWarriorStudios.com or through our Facebook page.   Send us a link/picture/STL zip of the item you wish to have printed.  I will then ask you several questions in regards to quality and durability that will help me determine the proper settings to print the file at.   This will generate an estimated printing time and I will be able to give you an accurate quote.  If you find the terms acceptable you simply check out the number of hours that are required to finish the print by adjusting the quantity toggle on this page.  For example if your print is 10 hours long you would toggle the quantity up to 10 and then check it out to pay for the $10 which would cover the print times.  



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