6mm (1/285 Scale) Street Lights - Pack of 10

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Steel Warrior Studios

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Model Name: 6mm Street Lights
Model Designer: Unknown
Model Line:  Unknown
Caster: Factory in China
Kit Material: Plastic - 10 Street Light Poles per order
Configuration Options: Standard Light Pole, Light Pole with Power Connection, Park Lamp
Scale: 6mm (1/285)


Pack of 10, medium detail 6mm Street Lamps/Light poles. Particularly useful in helping convey the scale of the military miniatures sold on this site, but could also be used on miniature bases. Could also be added to your urban terrain to improve the visual presentation of your gaming table. 


**These are not cast by Steel Warrior Studios or our partners, they are sourced through a 3rd party and thus not held to our production standards.  Due to their fragile nature some damage may occur in delivery. **

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