Bradley Medium Tank

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Model Name: Bradley Medium Tank
Model Designer:  Steel Warrior Studios & Ovion Design 
Model Line:  Steel Warriors
Caster: DB Miniatures
Kit Material: Resin - 4 piece miniature
Configuration Options: Primary, Sniper, Bombardment
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

**The Sniper Variant will ship with the prototype long barrels, if you feel they are too long a simple cut as shown in the picture can easily reduce the length to fit the barrel style you prefer best.  This is done in an effort to keep prices down!  

The Bradley Medium Tank is a cost effective, multi-platform tank chassis employed by forces everywhere.   It comes in 3 main configuration, the primary configuration employs a precision anti-material laser, backed up by a pair of 4 tube tactical missile launchers with a variety of warheads to make it responsive to battlefield conditions.   The Sniper configuration swaps the Laser for a pair of long range, precision auto-cannons meant for peppering the target from maximum distance possible, often well out of return fire. Early models of this design had extra long rifled barrels, which while accurate often unbalanced the tank when operating through rough terrain.  The Bombardment variant was designed to give commanders a cost effective battery platform, replacing the primary weapons with a missile mount that could be loaded with a variety of long range warheads.  

While not the MBT backbone of any force, the Bradley is a popular, dependable mid-range tank that gets the job done.  


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