Brute Monster Trucks Recoilless Rifle (2 Pack)

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Model Name:  Brute Monster Truck Recoilless Rifle 
Model Designer: Nuclear Shrimp Games
Model Line:  Black Earth 6mm
Caster: Nuclear Shrimp Games
Kit Material: Resin 
Configuration Options:
Scale: 6mm (1/285)


This kit includes:

2 x Brute Monster trucks with recoilless rifles

*All products come unpainted and unassembled



There is no lack of automobile parts in the ruins of the old cities. There was no warning when the bombs fell in 2045 so cars are still stuck in traffic as a grim reminder of those fateful hours. The Brutes have been busy picking out the toughest trucks and cars and combining their parts to make combat worthy trucks. The most common type of vehicle that comes out of the Brute workshops is a high-performance truck modified with bolted on armor plates and monster wheels. These Brute Monster Trucks can easily travel through the debris of the old cities with little trouble. Brute footsloggers will often hitch a ride on these trucks and join raids against unsuspecting human settlements.


The miniatures are supplied with their respective plastic bases, if the kit includes one. Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. Resin miniatures might need some cleaning of flash residue from the casting process.

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