Claymore Heavy Assault Tank

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Steel Warrior Studios


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Model Name:  Claymore Heavy Assault Tank
Model Designer: Dorian Sherratt (DFA Miniatures)
Caster:  Strato Minis Studio
Kit Material:  Resin - 2 piece miniature
Configuration Options: Mech Destroyer, Mech Destroyer Mark 2, Sniper, Heavy Bombardment


The Claymore Heavy Assault Tank is the ultimate in mechanized warfare.  Loaded with armor plating, defensive support systems and more weaponry then you would find in any other weapon of war of similar weight, the Claymore is truly an unmovable object.  Its primary role on the battlefield is to act as an anchor for allied forces, holding down key positions and forcing the enemy to expend precious time and resources to dislodge it.  The Mark 1 Mech Destroyer config is a common sight on the modern battlefield, well rounded for engaging enemy vehicles, mechs or fortifications.   The Mark 2 config is far less common as its just entered full scale production, upgrading some of the systems and weaponry using modern tech, allowing the engineers to increase the speed of the tank from a slow crawl to a respectable lumber.  The sniper config swaps most of the weaponry for an array of long range Rail Gun barrels and an advanced turret stabilization system that allows the tank to advance in formation while laying down accurate fire support for the column. The Heavy Bombardment configuration crams as many long range munition launchers as physically possible into the turret.  Commanders favor this tank configuration for the times when the rear positions may be under attack from air assets, as the Claymore stands a better chance then most for surviving it and still being able to lay down munition support. 



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