Cobra Patrol Vehicle

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Variant: BC1
Sale price$8.00


Model Name:  Cobra Patrol Vehicle
Model Designer: Metal Core Collectibles
Model Line:  
3D Printer:  Photon
Kit Material: 3D Printer Resin
Configuration Options:
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

Affordable, lightweight, maneuverable, robust and easily maintained, the 25-Ton Cobra Patrol Vehicle was developed as a general-purpose perimeter enforcement and patrol vehicle for military garrisons and installations. The Cobra is primarily used as a Military Police vehicle in its most common forms but has been expanded through modifications and updates over the centuries since the vehicle’s introduction. These newer, more modified models have allowed the Cobra to expand far beyond the original design parameters.


BC1 - Medium Laser x2

R4 - Machine Guns x2, Rocket Launcher[2], Mine Layer x2, Bulldozer Blade
R4A - Machine Guns x2, Rocket Launcher[2], Minesweeper Plow


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