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 Model Name:  Death Ray Designs FREE STL Sample
Model Designer: Death Ray Designs
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: N/A
Kit Material: STL for PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


Fluff Description


In the future of warfare, keeping your mechs fueled and your bases powered is always a critical operation. Destroying or capturing your enemy’s power and fuel infrastructure can spell victory for your house. As such, they are key assets in battle that must be kept, taken, or eliminated at all costs.

This downloadable package contains 3D printable STL files for the 6mm scale Hex City Industrial set. Base options included are 1.25" Hexed and Hexless. 


Product Details



This bundle contains a collection of industrial themed buildings created by the folks at Death Ray Designs.  In their stock scaling they will print without supports and be suitable for any 6-8mm sci-fi wargame.  By purchasing this bundle you are acknowledging you have read our terms and services page located HERE


Bundle Contents

Contents are Digital STL's for Home 3D Printing

The Hex City Industrial – Storage Depot contains the following files:

  • Riser 4 – 1.25″ Hex Based
  • Riser 4 – Hexless
  • Fin Reactor – 1.25″ Hex Based
  • Fin Reactor – Hexless


    Digital Refund Policy and After Purchase Support


    After purchase support at the studio is excellent.  You can read about our commitment to it HERE.  As an overall summary if there are any problems with the files themselves please contact us and it will be investigated and fixed.  All our files are tested extensively before released, but with the ever growing number of different machines and slicers, its wise to remain vigilant to developing problems.  Steel Warrior Studios itself cannot guarantee assistance with basic machine operation or machine troubleshooting, we can only guarantee help with the files themselves.  For general troubleshooting with your 3D printer, we recommend joining our community discord where I, and many other veterans of the technology can offer assistance. 


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