Dicey Ventures Sci-Fi Bundle (STL Download)

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 This bundle contains all the sci-fi buildings availible from Dicey Ventures Studios.  

Included are 23 STL files that will give you a respectable assortment of structures.  


Buildings included in this pack:

-Small Housing Unit

-Large Housing Unit

-Hi Rise Residential Building (Stack-able Floors for unlimited height)

-Trade Center Complex (3 core buildings with 4 smaller shops)

-Large Shop building with distinct roofing design

-Refinery Complex (2 core buildings, oil tanks and several pipe pieces)

-Large Hospital Center with helipad

-Large Corporate Office (Very large print split into several smaller pieces)


These files are great value, very easy to print and an excellent starting place for your 3d printed terrain collection.


All our files have been tested on several Ender 3 Pro 3D printers, meaning anyone with an entry level machine should be able to get great prints.


Recommended Printer Settings:

Between 1mm - 2.5mm layer height

60 - 80mm/s Nozzle speed

5 - 10% infil

Ironing ON (VERY important for good top surface quality)


** Please Note:  SWS cannot assist you with basic printer operation or troubleshooting.  For general printer help our best advise is join one of the larger printer groups on Facebook, usually the community knows whats wrong with your machine and can help. If you experience any problems with the files themselves or the download please contact us at Info@SteelWarriorStudios.com




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