Empire Town (10mm)

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Model Name:  Town
Model Designer: Cromarty Forge
Model Line:  Fantasy Rank & File
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: UV Resin
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 10mm


Fluff Description

 Human settlements are scattered through almost all the lands of the known world.  Ranging from tiny villages to sprawling cities.  


Product Details

 These town buildings are perfectly scaled for 10mm rank and file gaming and are offered in a combination of bundles / singles.  The insides are hollow and most structures require 2 or 3 stacking parts to complete the structure, which you can glue together or leave loose for ease of storage and some degree of modularity. 

Supports & Clean Up Info - Please Read So You Know What to Expect

These miniatures are 3D printed on our fleet of excellent resin printers using a quality setting above the industry standard found elsewhere.  The resin we use is a custom mix we refer to as Liquid Steel which is durable, has excellent detail and has a nice darker shade of grey that is pleasing to the eyes.  You should expect around 1-2 minutes of clean up per building in the form of something that is known as elephants foot (a thin, rim along the very bottom of the building, removed with a quick pass of a sharp hobby knife).   We recommend you prime these miniatures before painting and you do NOT need to wash these as there is no release agent to clean off. 


Bundle Contents

Township Bundle:  (1) Inn, (2) Large Houses, (1) Block House, (1) Decker House, (1) Medium House, (1) Shop, (1) Small House

**Single buildings are also offered, please select from dropdown. 

***The 2 Miniature strips in the photos are for scale comparison only!


We are Cromarty Forge's exclusive Fantasy retailer for North America


**Please Note: We stock a large quantity of our printed goods in advance, however due to overwhelming demand during new releases, sales and general attrition throughout the month, it is possible we will need to print some pieces to fill your order.  An accurate timeline of order processing can be found at the top center of the page in the header or HERE**








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