Erwin Main Battle Tank

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Tank Variant: Erwin Mark 1
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Model Name: Erwin Main Battle Tank
Model Designer: Steel Warrior Studios & Eliza Gibbs
Model Line:  Steel Warriors
Caster: Strato Minis Studio
Kit Material: Resin - 3 piece miniature
Configuration Options: Mark 1, Mark 2
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 44mm x 22mm x 17 mm (Barrel not included in length)


Steel Warrior Studios first release.  The Erwin Main Battle Tank comes in two variants, the Mark 1 is your standard front line combat vehicle armed with a high velocity main canon, supported by a coaxial heavy machine gun and a 5 tube multi purpose missile system capable of firing several types of ammo or deploying defensive smoke screen and chaff.  The Erwin Mark 2 is a more specialized design that is equipped with a long range, precision rail gun, capable of taking out heavily armored targets from afar.  For close in support it replaces the missile tubes of the Mark 1 with a pair of rapid fire lasers and then mounts a pair of heavy machine guns in the body to help keep infantry away.   The Mark 2 also mounts a single machine gun facing the rear of the tank to help deter flankers. 


This design is done in 6mm scale and is compatible with all sci-fi wargames.  The turret is best left unglued and will sit nicely in its housing, allowing for full rotation and removal to simulate combat situations and damage. Resin 3 part kit. 

**Note: the blue painted example has antenna parts that are NOT included in the base kit ** 


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