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Model Name: Erwin Main Battle Tank
Model Designer: Steel Warrior Studios & Eliza Gibbs
Model Line:  Steel Warriors
Caster: Strato Minis Studio
Kit Material: Resin - 3 piece miniature
Configuration Options: Mark 1, Mark 2
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 44mm x 22mm x 17 mm (Barrel not included in length)


The Erwin Main Battle Tank comes in two variants, the Mark 1 is your standard front line combat vehicle armed with a high velocity main canon, supported by a coaxial heavy machine gun and a 5 tube multi purpose missile system capable of firing several types of ammo or deploying defensive smoke screen and chaff.  The Erwin Mark 2 is a more specialized design that is equipped with a long range, precision rail gun, capable of taking out heavily armored targets from afar.  For close in support it replaces the missile tubes of the Mark 1 with a pair of rapid fire lasers and then mounts a pair of heavy machine guns in the body to help keep infantry away.   The Mark 2 also mounts a single machine gun facing the rear of the tank to help deter flankers. 

The Montgomery Main Battle Tank was a widely deployed military asset that would eventually lead to the more advanced Erwin Mk1 & Mk2 designs built off of the same chassis.  The MMBT's main armament is the turret mounted canon that is capable of punching through heavy armor at a respectable range.  This tank is unique in the sense that it has a small bubble turret at the top of the hull that allows an operator to use the tactical laser to mark targets and objectives that can be transmitted to any other vehicles in the formation.  Support for the tank comes in the form of a 5 tube multi missile system and a hull mounted flame thrower.  While an aging design, many forces still use it today as a command vehicle for its coordination ability and rugged durability. 

The STL comes with 3 parts per configuration.  Barrel, Turret and Hull.  Some basic sanding/trimming may be required to get a nice fit while assembling the parts as they were originally engineered for resin casting. 

**STL sales are NON-REFUNDABLE as they are a digital good, these files have been tested on both an Anycubic Photon and an Elegoo Mars with no problems.  

**STL Usage: Here at Steel Warrior Studios we are a very small, very laid back operation. You MAY print this
file as many times as you like for yourself, your local hobby group, or friends and family that are within reasonable
distance from where you live. I am not going to lay down a thick layer of legal disclaimers and policies here.
If you own a printer your likely already framiliar with whats considered ethical and what is not when it comes to
paid STL files. I ask a mere .99 cents for this STL, please respect our common sense policies or I will remove my
files from the site and the community will lose out because of it. Dont be the bad apple. ****

**Commercial use: If you own a business or your a 1 man, 1 printer operation and you would like to sell this print
for profit you may contact us at and we can work out some form of licensing arrangement.

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