Flatbed Truck Chassis

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Model Name: Flatbed Truck Chassis
Model Designer: Steel Warrior Studios & Oliver East
Model Line:  Steel Warriors
Printer: Steel Warrior Studios
Kit Material: 3D Printed Resin 
Configuration Options: Civilian, Military Cargo, Militia S Missile, Militia L Missile, Militia Howitzer 
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 20mm x 10mm x 5mm

Our first line of 3D printed resin miniatures being released to the public!   It is a simple, but sharp looking little design with several variations.  

Perfect for objectives, base detailing, and small "pirate/militia" style forces.  

As with all our 3D printed product the cost per item reduces with quantity purchased.  


**Quality Control Notice:  Due to the extremely low pricing model on these miniatures I am forced to handle the post processing as quickly as possible to balance out time spent in labor versus earnings to be had.  As such, these may not be as clean on the underside (bottoms, not visible on the table) as our tanks/mech prints and on occasion there may be a minor miss print or a slip of a blade resulting in a nicked tire or some other small defect.  If you have concerns please email us before purchasing and I will happily forward you example pics.   **



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