Gopher Utility Vehicle

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Variant: Forklift
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Model Name: Gopher Utility Vehicle
Model Designer: Steel Warrior Studios 
Model Line:  Steel Warriors
Caster: N/A
Kit Material: 3D Printed Resin
Configuration Options: Forklift, Dozer, Plow
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 30mm x 15mm x 12mm



The Gopher Utility Vehicle is a small service vehicle with multiple attachments.  Intended for military contractors or private armies, this environmentally sealed vehicles can operate in almost any environment.  Access hatches on both sides of the vehicle allow for escape paths in the event of a tip or emergency exit from the Gopher.  Though not intended for any sort of combat role, it does pack a light layer of protective armour to shield it from small arms fire and track damage.  The ability to swap front attachments makes it a popular choice for most logistics departments. 


Gopher with Forklift Attachment

Gopher with Dozer Attachment

Gopher with Plow Attachment


This is a 3D printed product and as such there will be some surface imperfections on the bottom, unimportant side of the miniatures. 

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