Grasslands Water Farm (28/32mm - STL Download)

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 Model Name:  Grasslands Water Farm
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studios
Model Line:  28/32mm Sci-Fi
Kit Material: FDM PLA Printer File
Configuration Options: Multiple
Scale: 28/32mm
Measurements: Varies between buildings


This massive complex is a great addition to your 28/32mm sci-fi space combat games.  A perfect fit for something along the lines of Star Wars Legions.  This STL bundle is perfectly configured to print on your standard hobby size FDM printers (eg: Ender 3, Prusa Mk3, Anycubic Mega 3).  These files are cleverly designed to have hollowed center sections of the larger building prints, saving you time and materials without compromising on quality or durability.   This bundle includes over 40 STL files including 20 variations of the fence sections to allow for a near limitless configuration of parts and table builds. 

Main Features:

Archway (Main Entrance to the Farm)

Massive Barn (Core centerpiece of the set, allowing for models to take cover on top of the building)

Dual Houses (A sci-fi Farmers house that can be mirrored to make several variations)

Prefab Shack (Small storage Shack)

Vaporator Pack (Several Vaporator packs used for pulling water out of the atmosphere.  Multiple styles and configurations included.  All printer friendly)

Exterior Fence System (20 STL's for a variety of fence configurations including damaged variants) 

Files Included:


Everything seen in the pictures (Star Wars Legions miniatures not included)


** We cannot offer refunds on digital products.  If your unsure if your printer can handle these files, please download the FREE Thunderhead Sample pack and test print it before committing.  Thank you**


** Please Note:  SWS cannot assist you with basic printer operation or troubleshooting.  For general printer help our best advise is join one of the larger printer groups on Facebook, usually the community knows whats wrong with your machine and can help. If you experience any problems with the files themselves or the download please contact us at**


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