Grudd Command

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Model Name:  Command
Model Designer: Onslaught Miniatures
Model Line:  Grudd
Kit Material: Metal
Configuration Options: 
Scale: 6mm (1/285)



When the Grudd take to the field of battle, it is their commanders that lead the host and can be found where the fighting is thickest.  Warlords act as the head of any major fighting force and are the very best and most experienced fighters in their clan.  Armed with ornate and masterly crafted Iron Lord battle armor, heavy cannons, and powerful assault tech - Warlords are fearsome opponents and inspirational leaders.

Ancient Ones represent the oldest living member of any given clan.  They posses the knowledge of countless wars, trade deals, times of peace, and everything in between.  Typically, Ancient Ones act as powerful advisors to those Warlords lucky enough to have one in their entourage.  As Ancient Ones age, they become closer and in-tune with the Ever-Lands of their ancestors.  They begin to hear the advice of their long-dead kin and the most powerful Ancient Ones can even call upon and summon the aid of ethereal spirits when carried aloft into battle.

Old Ones are elder members of their clans, and act as advisers to the Warlords they serve.  They commune with the deceased members of their clan and share their whispered words of advice with their fellow commanders.

At the head of every Grudd Biker-Clan, you will find their leaders - Jarlsmen in heavy armor known as the Iron Lord Bikers.  These mighty warriors ride into battle in chariot-like quads, blasting away at the enemy with heavy weaponry before crashing into their ranks and engaging in deadly close combat.  Most of these quads also feature their clan's battle standard, which contain powerful force field generators, offering any Biker or Gun Trike nearby a high degree of protection.

Engineer Lords are the most talented and experienced weapon-smiths in their clan, and are responsible for the health and operation of all the warmachines in the war-hosts they are assigned to.  In battle you can find them tending to their charges, making on-the-spot repairs with the help of their powerful gyro-stabilized robotic arms.

Within each Grudd war-host, you will find a multitude of greater and lesser clans.  These clans have their own customs, histories, and heraldry, but all are fiercely loyal to their Warlord.  In times of war, it's customary for select members of each clan to fly their family's colors displayed on ancient standards which often include powerful force-field generators.  In battle, these battle-banners act as a rally-point and literal aura of protection to any who fight near it.

A Grudd Command unit consists of 1 Warlord, 1 Ancient One, 1 Engineer Lord, 3 Old Ones, 3 Iron Lord Bikers, and 6 (2 x A/B/C) Banner Bearers 1 pose.

*All products come unpainted and unassembled

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