Hailfire Missile Platform

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Variant: D1
Sale price$10.00


Model Name:  Hailfire Missile Platform
Model Designer: Metal Core Collectibles
Model Line:  
3D Printer:  Photon
Kit Material: 3D Printer Resin
Configuration Options:
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

Developed as a highly mobile long-range fire support platform, the 40-ton Hailfire hovercraft makes good use of its high speed to quickly hit and fade. Excelling at defense in depth, the Hailfire’s deep ammunition reserves allow it to hit and fade repeatedly, making it a threat that can’t be ignored, yet difficult to deal with.


O2 - Missile Launcher[15], Medium Lasers x2

D1 - Medium Rotary Cannon, Medium Laser x2


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