Hex City Industrial - Core Set

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File Format: 1.25" Hexed (Battletech Scale)
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Model Name:  Hex City Industrial - Core Set
Model Designer: Death Ray Designs
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies per building


Fluff Description

In the future of warfare, keeping your mechs fueled and your bases powered is always a critical operation. Destroying or capturing your enemy’s power and fuel infrastructure can spell victory for your house. As such, they are key assets in battle that must be kept, taken, or eliminated at all costs.


Product Details

These 3D printed buildings are a fantastic way to build out a board of terrain for your favorite 6-10mm games like Battletech or Adeptus Titanicus.

We print our terrain on a variety of well tuned FDM 3D printers.  For general information on 3D printed terrain you may find our FAQ helpful.  


Bundle Contents


This Set contains:

  • 1x Sub-Station A
  • 1x Sub-Station B
  • 1x Fin Reactor
  • 2x Coolant Storage Unit
  • 1x Tanker Pod
  • 1x Industrial Riser 4
  • 1x Industrial Riser 7

**Terrain Ships Unpainted**


**Please Note: We stock a large quantity of pre-printed terrain at all times, however due to overwhelming demand during new releases, sales and general attrition throughout the month, it is possible we will need to print some pieces to fill your order.  An accurate timeline of order processing can be found at the top center of the page in the header or HERE**





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