HEXTECH - Borealis Dropship (STL Download)

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Bundle Option: Standard (With Mech Bays)
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 Model Name:  Borealis Dropship
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studios 
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 191mm x 330mm x 67.5mm

The Borealis is a multi-purpose freighter class vessel that has multiple pod options that are adaptable to almost any situation.  Loved by commanders everywhere for its versatility, the most common configuration is equipped with Mech Bay pods to help shuttle the large war machines down to wherever they are needed on the battlefield.  The Borealis Carrier refit replaces the Mech Bay pods with Aerospace hangars, each capable of housing a single fighter each, allowing for interceptor or close air support options.  Last but certainly not least, every war is powered by the logistical services of space faring supply ships and the Borealis can satisfy this role just fine with its interchangeable cargo pods and liquid tanks. 



- Entire ship is Hex gameplay compatible.  On the surface of the ship, there are cleverly designed markings that help maintain the hex footprint to allow for flawless gameplay.  No longer is your impressive dropship centerpiece merely eye candy, now its truly part of the battlefield. 

- Working mech bay doors that open to reveal a fully detailed interior mech bay pod. You can start your game inside the dropship and walk your mech out of it within the context of the rules (The bay and ramp are both valid hexes for movement).

- All 3 "Pod" options are completely modular and can be swapped between the options freely.  Giving you the option to change the ships configuration before every battle.  Note that each Pod options is modeled the give you a different ship profile, for example the Aerospace Pods will give you a position of partial cover if your standing on it. 

- Armaments & Defenses:  The Borealis features a respectable arrangement of defensive firepower.  In the nose you have several weapon ports for energy or ballistic weaponry.  In addition each kit will ship with 4 resin printed weapon turrets for the front and rear mounted mounts.  Each kit will also ship with a pair of missile ports for the front nose of the ship, as well as 2 plug pieces that can be installed instead if you prefer to not have the missile options. 

- Engineered for strength.  Every part of this product has been designed for maximum stability and durability.  Once assembled you can feel confident this dropship can last a life time of gameplay and use. 

- This print requires no supports and thus you can expect nothing but the best surface finish from the entire ship.  A coat of primer is all you need to prepare this dropship for painting.  No sanding or putty needed!

- Great supporting documents.  We will be uploading video and text guides for assembly of this product.  On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this product a 6 is difficulty. Product will ship in bags with each core assembly separated which will allow for easy construction. 


Bundle Options:

- Standard:  Standard configuration with mech bay middle section pods. 

- Deluxe:  All 4 middle expansion pod options (Mech bay, areospace, cargo, tanker)

- Aerospace Expansion: Stand alone aerospace expansion

- Cargo Expansion: Stand alone cargo expansion

- Tanker Expansion:  Stand alone tanker expansion



 File Options:

- 1.25" Hexed (Battletech compatible)


** We cannot offer refunds on digital products.  If your unsure if your printer can handle these files, please download the FREE Thunderhead Sample pack and test print it before committing.  Thank you**


** Please Note:  SWS cannot assist you with basic printer operation or troubleshooting.  For general printer help our best advise is join one of the larger printer groups on Facebook, usually the community knows whats wrong with your machine and can help. If you experience any problems with the files themselves or the download please contact us at Info@SteelWarriorStudios.com**


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