HEXTECH - Forward Base Building Bundle

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File Format: 1.25" Hexed (Battletech Scale)
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  The Hextech - Forward Base bundle is an impressive building terrain set designed by Thunderhead Studios.  It is 100% Battletech compatible and comes in hexless, 1.25"  hex format.   This bundle contains all of the base structures from the Forward Base system. 

All buildings are made to a standard level height for game-play, and the structure tops are designed so that flat-bottomed models can stand in any legal hex position with stability.

Included buildings:
- 2 Uplink/Relay Tower (1 hex, level 3) 
- Small Generator (2 hex, level 1)
- Barracks (5 hex, level 2)
- Control Tower Complex (3 hex, levels 2 and 3)
- Mech Hangar (10 hex, level 2)
- Mech Repair Facility ( 10 hex, level 2)


**Render Shows Hexless version, both hexed versions will be shipped with correct bases**

**2nd Picture shows the foundations and wall components of this set, they are NOT included in this bundle, only the buildings shown in the render.   If your interested in the full package you can find it by clicking HERE **

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