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 Model Name:  Hextech Highway Overpass
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studios
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Kit Material: 
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


  Hextech - Highway Overpass system is a modular, well engineered freeway overpass system intended to carry most of the major traffic of Trinity City to and from the city heart.   Designed to be fully compatible with the Hextech Roads system, we are now finally able to offer you an overpass system that is practical to game on, and visually pleasing.  Traditional resin casting and laser cut MDF systems have struggled with these designs before, but 3D printing has many advantages that lends itself well to a system such as this. 

 Several positions on this set in the hexed version can safely support a miniature, including the very cleverly designed ramp system.  Please check the pictures for additional inspiration.  In addition the default scaling of this file will comfortably fit a standard 1/285 miniature mech under the walkway without any alterations. 

**Printing Note:  Unlike the rest of the Hextech lineup, this STL bundle WILL require supports to print properly.  Please consult the included .txt file for printing instructions that are specific to the Highway Overpass Bundle.  This STL bundle will require some basic understanding of support settings and principles, we recommend new comers to the 3D printing hobby to stick to our other, more user friendly prints until they are comfortable enough.**

Files Included:


- Highway Overpass Straight section

- Highway Overpass Curved section (mirror and rotate for multiple angles)

- Highway On ramp / Off ramp that adapts to the 4 lane Hextech Road System

- Highway Overpass Elevation Supports.  You rest the road sections on these major support beams.

- Highway Overpass Double Decker Elevation supports.  This allows you to construct a double decked road system.  This file is by fan request and not technically supported by the Studio or Thunderhead.   There is no ramp section for the 2nd floor, if printing this you should run it off the boards edge :)

 File Options Included:

Hextech Highway Overpass Bundle

- 1.25" Hexed (Battletech compatible)

- Hexless 


** We cannot offer refunds on digital products.  If your unsure if your printer can handle these files, please download the FREE Thunderhead Sample pack and test print it before committing.  Thank you**


** Please Note:  SWS cannot assist you with basic printer operation or troubleshooting.  For general printer help our best advise is join one of the larger printer groups on Facebook, usually the community knows whats wrong with your machine and can help. If you experience any problems with the files themselves or the download please contact us at Info@SteelWarriorStudios.com**


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