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 Model Name:  Hextech Industrial Power Complex
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studio 
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


Fluff Description


The Industrial Power Complex is an advanced, sprawling system of different power production facilities and their supporting infrastructure.  When it comes to colonizing planets or setting up Industrial Operations on hostile environments you need a wide variety of power solutions to be adaptable to the specific climate.  From modest wind turbines to cutting edge Fusion reactors and Geothermal exchangers, there is a power solution for any situation regardless of the difficulty it presents.  At the center of this industrial effort is a mighty deployable Interstellar Beacon, acting as a space faring lighthouse to guide incoming traffic safely through dangerous asteroid belts and planetary hazards. 


Product Details


The Industrial Industrial Power Complex is a highly modular industrial system from the HEXTECH line.  It is very well suited to augment many of the other existing HEXTECH expansions and integrates fully into the Industrial Fluidworks system.  As such its applicable to all the great features of the HEXTECH system which can be viewed HERE.  The bundle contains 5 main structures of various size and a collection of 5 modular raised pipe sections that can be used to create any piping network you could dream of. 

This bundle includes HEXTECH Universal features and Magnet Connections, read below for more information

- HEXTECH Universal.   The Universal base system was designed to give players the option of removing their terrain pieces from the HEXTECH base and using them in other gaming systems.   Change formats on the fly without compromise! 

- Magnet Connections.  Sockets have been added to each file of this bundle, allowing you to install magnets to each section and connect them in any combination of your choosing.  This should greatly enhance the functionality of the system when its on your table, reducing the odds of it moving around. 

By purchasing this bundle you are acknowledging you have read our terms and services page located HERE


Bundle Contents

Contents are Digital STL's for Home 3D Printing


(1) Large Fusion Reactor File

(1) Modular Generator File (Can be a single unit and linked together in multiples) 

(1) Geothermal Exchanger File

(1) Solar Concentrator Tower File

(3) Solar Panel Array Files

(1) Wind Turbine File

(2) Interstellar Beacon Files (Retracted and Extended Formats)

(1) Industrial Foundation File (A raised platform other structures can be placed on to add height/complexity/modularity to the piece)


Pipeline Connectors

(1) Pipeline Straight Section Female to Female Port File

(1) Pipeline Straight Section Male to Female Port File

(1) Pipeline Straight Section Male to Male Port File

(1) Pipeline Curved Section File

(1) Pipeline 3 Way Intersection File

(2) Pipeline Riser File (Used to Change Elevations)

Files including 2 basing options: Hexed for Battletech, and removable Universal Hextech for interchangeable hexed and hexless play.


**Note:  The last picture in the album shows structures from the Industrial Fluidwork bundle to show the integration possibilities.  Please note the Pressure Tower and Small Fluid Tank STL's are not included in this bundle. 


Digital Refund Policy and After Purchase Support


Due to the nature of digital purchases and the inability to retract the files delivered, we are unable to offer refunds in 99% of all cases where a purchase is made.  For this reason we offer a number of free sampler files that we strongly recommend you download and test before finalizing any purchases.  When in doubt, ask!  We operate a professional 3D printer farm and have the experience required to tell you if the files are suitable for your machine or not. 

After purchase support at the studio is excellent.  You can read about our commitment to it HERE.  As an overall summary if there are any problems with the files themselves please contact us and it will be investigated and fixed.  All our files are tested extensively before released, but with the ever growing number of different machines and slicers, its wise to remain vigilant to developing problems.  Steel Warrior Studios itself cannot guarantee assistance with basic machine operation or machine troubleshooting, we can only guarantee help with the files themselves.  For general troubleshooting with your 3D printer, we recommend joining our community discord where I, and many other veterans of the technology can offer assistance. 



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