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Bundle: Hex Base
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Model Name:  HEXTECH Mk3 Wall Bundles
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studio
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Wall Sections are 47.5mm Tall


Fluff Description

Hextech - Mk3 Walls are a standard defensive choice among battlefield commanders.  Quick to construct, durable and offering a fair bit of protection against combined arms forces, these defensive fortifications are seen in both offensive and defensive positions throughout the galaxy.  From backwater garrisons to front line support depots and firebases. 


Product Details

HEXTECH terrain is built on 33mm Hex Bases which is completely compatible with the Battletech Tabletop game.

All Mark 3 Wall pieces have a built in socket/slot system on each piece that allows it to connect to other pieces in the set to create a fairly sturdy length of wall.  These connection pieces are 3d printed and as such can be broken if handled roughly, they are only designed to help keep the formation straight and steady, not to support the weight of being lifted or twisted while connected to multiple pieces.  We consider these connectors a bonus, the wall system still works fine without them, as such we will not replace pieces with broken connectors. 

 HEXTECH is a hexed, modular 6mm scaled wargaming terrain product line that is designed to accommodate games such as Battletech.  To find out more details on the many features and advantages HEXTECH offers, please click HERE for a complete breakdown of why its such a popular system. 

We print our terrain on a variety of well tuned FDM 3D printers.  For general information on 3D printed terrain you may find our FAQ helpful.  


Bundle Contents


Hex Base Bundle: Enough Parts to Create a Closed Hex Base.  1 Gatehouse, 1 Slide in Gate (Removable), 2 Curved Sections without Towers, 4 Curved Sections with Towers, 5 Straight Sections (3 Hexes as a Row).  

Border Base:  Everything in the Hex Base Bundle plus enough straight sections and towers to cross from one end of the map to the other (on the short end), creating a large base compound that stretches off the board (25 Hexes as a straight line).   1 Gatehouse, 1 Slide in Gate (Removable), 2 Curved Sections without Towers, 4 Curved Sections with Towers, 6 Straight Sections (3 Hexes as a Row), 4 Straight Towers.  


**Please Note: We stock a large quantity of pre-printed terrain at all times, however due to overwhelming demand during new releases, sales and general attrition throughout the month, it is possible we will need to print some pieces to fill your order.  An accurate timeline of order processing can be found at the top center of the page in the header or HERE**




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