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Mech Bay Doors: Single (Default)
Curtain Wall Adapters: No (Default)
Corridor Expansion Option: None (Default)
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 Model Name:  Sigma Dome Mech Hangar
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studios
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

 Build Your Own Custom Mech Hangar!

Please take the time to read this section fully so you understand the options being presented to you.  If you have any questions please contact us @ Info@steelwarriorstudios.com

Sigma Dome is a modular, interchangeable Mech Hangar terrain kit that can be custom made to your specifications and requirements.  The 2 core main pieces, roof and floor are static, however the 6 sides that make up the walls of the hanger can be swapped freely from game to game as needed.  We offer you a variety of options during the ordering process, you will find an explanation

Mech Bay Doors:  Every kit comes with at least 1 mech scale door to enter and exit the hangar from.  As the roof can be removed, the entire interior of the Hangar is a playable surface.  The doors are mechanically operational and can be opened by the players with their hands.  For every Bay Door option you add, a single mech bay slot will be replaced with another door.  The 2 door option will for example leave you with 4 Mech Bays for mechs to park, and 2 operational doors to enter and exit from. 

Curtain Wall Adapters: This option replaces 2 of the exterior Mech Bay walls with an alternate version that will plug into the Trinity City Curtain Wall defense system.  This allows the mech Hangar to act as a "blister" that sits in the middle of a section of wall, allowing mechs to use the lift in the center of the building to be deployed directly onto the Wall ramparts.  This option is recommended for customers who plan to use the Curtain Wall System as well. 

Corridor Expansion Option:  This option is intended for customers who would like to connect multiple hangers together to create a larger complex.  For every Corridor Expansion option selected we will replace a single Mech Bay wall with an opening that will allow the attachment of a protected hallway piece that will connect into another hanger that also has the corridor expansion option.  The hallway section is sold separately HERE!   For example, if you want to connect 2 Hangars together, you would need to add 2 Sigma domes to your cart, both with a single Corridor Expansion Option selected, and then purchase a single Hallway Section from the link above.  For 3 hangers to be connected together, you need to add 3 Sigma Domes to your cart, all 3 with the Corridor Expansion option selected and add 3 Hallway Sections to your cart. 

Trinity City takes no chances with external threats, and has poured a sizable amount of its vast wealth into the protection and safekeeping of its borders.  The Sigma Dome Mech Hanger store and maintain the cities mech forces and heavy equipment bays.  In these facilities they are maintained, rearmed and repaired to ensure they are always ready when called upon. These Mech Hangars have lifts to the roof,  providing them a good firing position with some fortified cover.  In addition in some places of the city, several Sigma Domes have been connected with protected corridors, allowing large amounts of defending mechs to be deployed where they are needed while under cover of steel and concrete. 

All buildings are made to a standard level height for game-play. The hexed versions of this structure are designed so that flat-bottomed models can stand in any legal hex position with stability.  No more guessing where on the roof your model is positioned. 



These are a PLA printed product produced in house by our very reliable and well tuned FDM 3D printers.  We strive for quality, and thus all our terrain is printed in 1mm layer heights, which is 2-3 times higher quality then the majority of printers you would find elsewhere, for usually less then half the price charged by others.  The surface quality of our prints is excellent, and we encourage you to examine our example pictures quality to see for yourself.  These 3D printed products are excellent value, comparing or sometimes even beating the much more common cardstock/matboard/mdf laser cut terrain systems offered elsewhere, while being MUCH more durable and capable of lasting forever.

Steel Warrior Studios is the exclusive vendor for the Hextech Terrain System!



If you own your own 3D printers all of our files are available for purchase HERE 



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