HEXTECH - Trinity City Slums (STL Download)

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 Model Name:  Trinity City Slums
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studio
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Kit Material: Digital
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


Trinity City is a wealthy, powerful city state, but like all great centers of civilization it is built on the backs of the common folk.  The average laboring citizen can only afford a small unit inside a compact residential housing unit often referred to as a slum.  Grouped together in large districts, these lower income housing blocks often live in the shadows of the impressive towering structures of the wealthy Trinity City elite.  

The Trinity City Slums STL Bundle is intended to give the community a fast, affordable building bundle that can be printed in mass and used to fill an entire board and create a truly immersive city battlefield.  The majority of these designs are approx level 2 in height and have a wide enough footprint that they will instantly add some density to your tabletop.  The first 3 pictures in the gallery show whats included in the STL bundle, the rest of the pictures are example mock ups of exactly what they are capable of achieving when combined with the rest of the HEXTECH roster. 


Included files:


- Single Hex Housing Apartment Block

- 4 Hex Level 2 Slums complex with a bridged walkway

4 Hex Level 2 Slums complex with a bridged walkway (Mirrored for opposite road placement)

- 5 Hex Corner Slums Housing Complex

- 5 Hex Slums Complex

- 6 Hex Commons Building (Small Store or Religious Building)

- 8 Hex Tiered Slums building, Suitable for Middle Class Citizens 

All buildings are made to a standard level height for game-play. The hexed versions of this structure are designed so that flat-bottomed models can stand in any legal hex position with stability.  No more guessing where on the roof your model is positioned. 



 File Options:

- 1.25" Hexed (Battletech compatible)

- Hexless  


** We cannot offer refunds on digital products.  If your unsure if your printer can handle these files, please download the FREE Thunderhead Sample pack and test print it before committing.  Thank you**


** Please Note:  SWS cannot assist you with basic printer operation or troubleshooting.  For general printer help our best advise is join one of the larger printer groups on Facebook, usually the community knows whats wrong with your machine and can help. If you experience any problems with the files themselves or the download please contact us at Info@SteelWarriorStudios.com**


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