HEXTECH - Trinity City Urban Development Bundle (STL Download)

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Model Name:  Hextech Trinity City Urban Development Bundle
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studio 
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Kit Material: STL File
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


Fluff Description


Trinity City is a wealthy, powerful city state, but like all great centers of civilization it is built on the backs of the common folk.  The Urban Development project sees a greater involvement from private corporations into the city planning process.  Focused around the newly constructed and towering Omicron Tech Center, this new district features a more sophisticated architectural design.  


Product Details

 The Urban development Bundle features a variety of small and large downtown center structures for use in your games.   As such its applicable to all the great features of the HEXTECH system which can be viewed HERE.  

This bundle includes HEXTECH Universal features and Magnet Connections, read below for more information

- HEXTECH Universal.   The Universal base system was designed to give players the option of removing their terrain pieces from the HEXTECH base and using them in other gaming systems.   Change formats on the fly without compromise! 

- Magnet Connections.  Sockets have been added to each file of this bundle, allowing you to install magnets in the bottoms of each building and base allowing for fast setup and take down.  This should greatly enhance the functionality of the system when its on your table, reducing the odds of it moving around. 

By purchasing this bundle you are acknowledging you have read our terms and services page located HERE


Bundle Contents

Contents are Digital STL's for Home 3D Printing

- Binary Towers Office Buildings

- Emmet Affordable Apartments

Spiral Arms Luxury Condos

- TCPD (Trinity City Police Department) Precinct

- Trinary Plaza Corporate Offices

- Omicron Tech Center (Base is compatible with the Trinity Tower Foundations)


Files include 2 basing options: Standard Hexed and optional HEXTECH Universal Base 


Digital Refund Policy and After Purchase Support


Due to the nature of digital purchases and the inability to retract the files delivered, we are unable to offer refunds in 99% of all cases where a purchase is made.  For this reason we offer a number of free sampler files that we strongly recommend you download and test before finalizing any purchases.  When in doubt, ask!  We operate a professional 3D printer farm and have the experience required to tell you if the files are suitable for your machine or not. 

After purchase support at the studio is excellent.  You can read about our commitment to it HERE.  As an overall summary if there are any problems with the files themselves please contact us and it will be investigated and fixed.  All our files are tested extensively before released, but with the ever growing number of different machines and slicers, its wise to remain vigilant to developing problems.  Steel Warrior Studios itself cannot guarantee assistance with basic machine operation or machine troubleshooting, we can only guarantee help with the files themselves.  For general troubleshooting with your 3D printer, we recommend joining our community discord where I, and many other veterans of the technology can offer assistance. 




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