Mjolnir Support Tank

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Steel Warrior Studios


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Model Name:  Mjolnir Support Tank 
Model Designer: Dorian Sherratt (DFA Miniatures) 
Caster:  Strato Minis Studio 
Kit Material:  Resin - 2 piece miniature 
Configuration Options: Rail Gun Loadout, Canon Loadout, Command Unit
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 3.8cm x 1.4cm x 2.3


The Mjolnir Support Tank is a long range fire support platform.  Designed to take coverage in defilade or behind ruins and fire from cover at range. Commanders will often deploy support infantry near by the protect these from fast moving flankers as most of their tonnage is devoted to its powerful weaponry and not its defensive capabilities.  The targeting system on the Mjolnir is state of the art and allows for the crews to pinpoint enemy weak spots and hit them with deadly accuracy.   The Command Loadout swaps a portion of the firepower out for an advanced computer system that records and analyzes the combat efficiency of all the Mjolnirs its linked into, allowing it to send real time combat intel to the other crews.  

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