OTC Command

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Model Name:  Command
Model Designer: Onslaught Miniatures
Model Line:  Okami Technocracy Combine
Kit Material: Metal
Configuration Options:
Scale: 6mm (1/285)


A OTC Command Squad contains 25 6mm Okami Command Models: Neo Ashigaru Juni x 5, Neo Ronin Juni x 3, Neo Ashigaru Banner Bearer x 5, Neo Shinobi Juni x 3, Neo Sohei x 4, Neo Keisatsu x 4, Neo Rikushou x 1


*All products come unpainted and unassembled


Among the honorable ranks of the Okami, there are those individuals who raise above their peers and become exalted members of the OTC Command.

Neo Ashigaru Juni act as unit commanders for Neo Ashigaru Squads, lending their years of experience to the troops under their command.  Neo Ronin Juni are trained in the use of manually operated Ronin Support rigs, granting them superior protection and heavy fire power.  Neo Ashigaru Banner Bearers are often found at the right hand of any commanding officer, boldly presenting the standard of their unit, which act as a rallying point and source of inspiration.  Neo Shinobi Juni act as command officers for the elite Shinobi squads, adding their experience and formidable fighting skills to any unit they lead.  Neo Sohei are in constant communion with the unseen data flows which saturate any war zone they appear in.  Neo Sohei are able to manipulate these data flows – augmenting the abilities of friendly tech units, and disabling or even controlling enemy systems.  Neo Keisatsu act as honor guards to the highest ranking OTC commanders.  Neo Keisatsu wear ceremonial garb, and are armed with ornate mono-yari which can slice through the thickest armor with ease.  Neo Rikushou are the highest ranking generals in the OTC army.  Sitting upon a hovering command-throne, the Neo Rikushou can access any drone unit in his army and control it directly, and has access to any data and communication feed from the units serving them.

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