Panzer X (4 Pack)

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Steel Warrior Studios


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Model Name:  Panzer X Heavy Tank
Model Designer: Dorian Sherratt (DFA Miniatures)
Publisher:  Steel Warrior Studios
Kit Material:  Resin - 3 piece miniature 
Configuration Options: N/A

Steel Warrior Studios is proud to reveal our first published product in support of Dorian's DFA Minaitures!

The first official WARHOUNDS product, a box set of 4 Panzer X heavy tanks! 

The main tank of the Armed Forces of Earth, these serve as the backbone of the military in support of the Hounds themselves.

What is Warhounds?

300 years after the hyperspace gateways between Earth and the Core Worlds and the Outworlds mysteriously ceased operation a lone starship from Earth emerged from the Primary gateway. Fearing attack from Earth the Outworlds Republic launched a pre-emptive strike on the ship destroying it. Thus began the war between Earth and the Outworlds. WARHOUNDS is a fast paced tactical combined arms combat game with real-time escalation currently in development by DFA Miniatures, in collaboration with Steel Warrior Studios. Players control units of infantry, tanks and aircraft to crush their enemy and secure mission objectives. But when the battle escalates to its fiercest that is when you send in the ultimate war machine, the HOUND.


**Quality Control Notice:  Due to the fragile nature of the top hull mounted machine gun, we cannot ensure it will arrive intact during the shipping process.  Changes have been made for future production runs to correct this fault.  In the meantime gluing on a small piece of rod would be a suitable replacement.  We appreciate everyone's understanding, there was a bit of a learning curve during the design process of this release! **

Product will begin shipping Oct 24th 2018 and will be sent in a hardened box with padding and official box label as shown in the display image. 


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