Polybattlefield 6 Starter Set - 1.25"

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Designed and produced by Strato Minis, this excellent terrain system comes with the following:

1 - High quality, "Badlands" neoprene gaming mat with 1.25" hexes printed directly onto the material.  The mat itself has a cracked earth graphic that suits any war game. Measures 36" x 24".

40 - Textured Elevation hex blocks, each 1" tall, can be connected together to create various heights.  Can be glued together or left loose for maximum variability between games. 

20 - Textured Elevation Caps that socket into the elevation blocks giving you a level surface to place your gaming miniatures on.  

This set is a great, durable, life time lasting product that takes your 2D battlefield straight into a mouth watering 3D gaming surface.  Promote your game/club by playing on eye catching terrain.  Quick and easy to paint, with quick setup and tear down, giving you a completely different battlefield each tme you play.  Several expansion packs are available to provide an all in one terrain system.  


*Comes unpainted*

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