Quake Tank Destroyer

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Variant: Particle Pack
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Model Name:  Quake Tank Destroyer
Model Designer: Metal Core Collectibles
Model Line:  
3D Printer:  Photon
Kit Material: 3D Printer Resin
Configuration Options:
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

With a chassis originally designed as a heavy weapons and armor testing platform, the Quake Tank Destroyer would become a production combat vehicle due to its adaptable, inexpensive, and efficient construction. Though the Quake would see considerable upgrading before becoming a production model, its main design element would remain the same: An armored mobile platform built to carry heavy weapons to a designated location and fire until ordered to stop, without fail.


Particle Pack
BC1 - Extended Particle Cannon, Missile Launchers [15], Machine Gun x4
D4 - Heavy Particle Cannon, Rocket Launcher[4] x2, Machine Gun x4
R1 - Particle Cannon, Medium Laser, Small Laser, Machine Gun x4

Light Cannon Pack
 - Rotary Cannon, Extended Medium Lasers 2x, Machine Gun x4
S1 - Medium Flak Cannon, Large Laser, Machine Gun x4
R2 - Cannon, Medium Lasers 2x, Small Laser, Machine Gun x4

Heavy Cannon Pack
 - Heavy Flak Cannon, Extended Medium Lasers 2x, Machine Gun x4
D2 - Heavy Repeater Cannon, Medium Lasers 2x, Machine Gun x4
S2 - Heavy Cannon, Medium Lasers 2x, Machine Gun x4


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