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 Model Name:  Rogue
Model Designer: Strato Minis Studio 
Model Line:  Hardwar
Caster: Strato Minis Studio
Kit Material: Resin - 6 piece miniature
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements:  44mm

Rogue Hardbot is a heavy medium-sized war machine designed as a mixed armament walking platform. In addition, Rogue is equipped with a pair of jump jets. Of course, weapon hardpoints are fully compatible with the Hammer & Anvil Hardbot System, giving a wide spectrum of available weapons. This version is equipped with missile launcher and a pair of machineguns.

The model based on Stephane Chasseloup’s digital assets, converted, detailed and optimized for production by Strato Minis Studio.


Compatible Weapon Packs can be found here:  


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