Scissor Lift

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Model Name: Scissor Lift
Model Designer: Steel Warrior Studios 
Model Line:  Steel Warriors
Printer: Steel Warrior Studios
Kit Material: 3D Printed Resin 
Configuration Options: Mobile, Lifted
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 12.5mm x 6.5mm x 14.5mm

These tracked Scissor Lifts are a common sight in most industrial/militarized zones.  The tracks allow it to shuttle a heavier load up to the job at hand.  In addition it has some very limited off road capabilities while the lift is fully packed.

Great accent detail for a mech bay, or a kit bashed diorama.  Capable of being upscaled to other scales with no problem.  These Scissor Lifts are surprisingly detailed, including a full rendered and visible control console that is used to operate the machine. 

Product ships as a 2 pack.  One of the packed away mobile formats, and the 2nd is the elevated position shown.  The tallest version in the last picture is not included as its too fragile to survive shipping.  


**Quality Control Notice:  Due to the extremely low pricing model on these miniatures I am forced to handle the post processing as quickly as possible to balance out time spent in labor versus earnings to be had.  As such, these may not be as clean on the underside (bottoms, not visible on the table) as our tanks/mech prints and on occasion there may be a minor miss print or a slip of a blade resulting in a nicked tire or some other small defect.  If you have concerns please email us before purchasing and I will happily forward you example pics.   **



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