Spring Cleaning (Personal Pre-Owned Items)

  • $40.00

Just cleaning out my basement storage.  Everything here was purchased and kept for personal use, none of this stuff is retail goods, nor can i acquire more of any of it.  Simply saving money by avoiding Ebay.


Read the descriptions carefully and match the listing with the dropdown box.  Dropdown box should auto change the picture displayed to the item selected if viewed on desktop.

NOTE:  Some of these items have been in storage for years and may need dusting :)


TERRAIN   **Note: SOME of these items may be heavier then our standard goods, I may need to invoice you for additional shipping of up to $5 if the package is too heavy.  IF you buy lots, ill cover the shipping on my own end. 


Lot 10:  Giant Green Hanger from unknown company.  Very large, very heavy. Partially hollow.  Likely very expensive to ship via air, so will go ground, likely only an option to purchase if in North America.  $40


HBS House factions with custom art based on the Video Game faction banners.  2 of each, 14 dice total



 Bag of Tank Ruins for objectives/terrain

Badger paint mixer