Stygian Parasite Rigs

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Model Name:  Stygian Parasite Rigs
Model Designer: Onslaught Miniatures
Model Line:  Stygian
Kit Material: Metal
Configuration Options:
Scale: 6mm (1/285)


A Stygian Parasite Rig Squad contains 5 14mm Parasite Rig bodies, and 2 arm sprues featuring a number of close combat and ranged weaponry


*All products come unpainted and unassembled


Among all of the weapons of war utilized by the cruel Stygians, the Parasite Rig is perhaps the most disturbing. This hulking monstrosity literally feeds on living creatures – harvesting their very souls as a fuel source, and their vital fluids and innards as a lubricant for their infernal inner workings. Once it has used up its host, the Parasite rig discards their gruesome husk, and ensnares a new fuel source using bio-mechanical tentacles which protrude from its “tail”. There is no end to the hunger of these abominations – and unless sated in the field of battle, they will quickly turn on the Stygian around them for sustenance.

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